Unique Components


I have created a copy of a nested component and made it unique. When I have the two objects side by side and select a lower level nested component at one or two levels down only the component in the selected model is hilighted. If I go deeper and select a component it is selected in both components. I don’t think this supposed to be happening. Can anyone help me understand what I may be doing wrong?
Ed M.


It’s hard to say what you are doing, how you set things up. But a unique component can have other not so unique components nested inside.
Share the file with components to get e clear answer from someone on the forum.


I’ll upload the file to the 3Dwarehouse so it will be available. I’ll call
it Hope Chest Scenes in Ed M. OK? Also I opened a new test file and
imported two copies of the model as components and the same thing
occurred. I could not independently change the components.


I did some further investigating and found that I had to make the lower
level component unique before I could independently change it, Apparently
if the component has sub components making the top component doesn’t make
all of the sublevel components unique. I do not know if this consider a
problem or not but I didn’t find anything on this subject.
Ed M


With ‘Make Unique’ you’ll only change the definition of the currently selected component parent to make its definition unique to parent#1, not the component definitions of lower (nested) components inside the parent#1.
Changes to the unique parent#1 will not be seen in the other parent copy/copies .
Changes made to a nested component child (whether in paren#1 or in parent) will reflect to all other components child in any other level. Even in other “strange” components or in top level.
The definition of child isn’t changed.

Most of the time this is the desired way of how ‘Make Unique’ works.
But I can see that in some cases you would like one ‘Make Unique’ operation to make all components in the tree structure unique. It would be nice if you had a choice option here.
You may find some plugin that digs down the entire tree structure to see what nested components currently have other instances somewhere in the model to then make them unique.
Otherwise keep ‘Entity Info’ and the ‘Outliner’ open and do it manually.


Thanks, you’re feedback is what i found to happen. It would be helpful if
that info was included in the documentation of "Make Unique"
Ed M