Creating Unique Components

Good Afternoon,

I am a beginner user. I have been making basic models for a few weeks. Today I tried editing a copied drawer. However, the original version continued to change during my edit despite my making the copy unique.

I am trying to find what step I completed which would cause this.

Does your drawer component have sub components like front, back, side and bottom?

Making only the parent drawer Unique leaves the sub components still identical. If (for example) you are changing the drawer width, you also need to make front, back and bottom unique.

Upload a .skp file of your drawer and the copy so we can see what’s going on.

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply.

I was thinking about my problem after I posted my query and considered that this may be the problem. Every separate entity is its own component.

I thought perhaps exploding the grouped components may help.

Don’t explode the components. Just open the parent component and make the ones that need to be modified unique. As John wrote, if you want to change only the width of the drawer, make the front bottom and back unique but leave the sides alone.

Here’s an example in which I made the drawer deeper front to back. I made the drawer component, which is a copy of the middle drawer component unique, then opened that component for editing so I could select the sides and bottom and make them unique as well. then it’s a simple matter to move what needs to be moved to change the size of the drawer.

Thank You for your response.

Should I be grouping individual drawers once they have been modeled?

You’re welcome.

Do you mean grouping the components that make up a drawer? That can be useful because it makes it easier to do things like pull the drawer out. The drawer will act like a real one with all of the parts moving together. Be careful and thoughtful about nesting components (putting two or more components inside a group or component) because if you do it wrong or create too many nests, your model just gets to be harder to work with and there’s no gain.

Of course you could do the same thing for objects like frame and panel doors, too.


Thanks, Dave,

I think that there are times where I group all the components incorrectly and that is why I had problems editing the drawer. I was chasing my tail around this little model for a while.

I’ve seen some pretty crazy methods of nesting components that don’t make any sense. It might help to think groups and components as containers. Maybe like chocolate truffles. Each truffle is individually wrapped in foil, those are then put into a box, and a dozen boxes into a case.

Don’t do anymore nesting than you absolutely need to do, though.

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