Make unique and explode options

In the attached model, the three similar stiles are one component. I have to make a slight adjustment to the two framing the 4 drawers. I have to decouple these two stiles from the one on the left framing the doors. I need some clarification on “make unique” and “explode”. Also, when a member of a component is made unique or exploded does it cease to be a part of the original component and need to be made a component of its own? Thanks in advancedrawer cabinet.skp|attachment (175.8 KB)

When you select a component and “Make unique” it becomes a new, separate component with a new name. Exploding a component removes the “component” and/or “group” part of it, and is very different.

Thank you.

Please note: any nested components are still linked to any others in the model. To break that link you would need to explode or make them unique also. Been there, done that!

Can you explain nested components?

John, nested components are like the drawer I showed you. The drawer is a component and each of the parts making up the drawer is a component. Here the Drawer component is opened for editing with the drawer part components nested inside (shown selected in blue).

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Ah, yes, I remember. Can you take a look at this and tell me if I have any nested? I don’t think so.

drawer cabinet.skp (159.5 KB)

You don’t have any nesting but you could use it for the doors if you want. If you want do that select the rails, stiles, and panel for one of the doors and make a component (hit G) called Door. Then delete the other rail, stile, and panel components and use Move/Copy to create a copy of the door component.

You want to avoid excessive nesting because that can create more work for you but for things like the doors, if makes sense.

And when you get to adding hardware, you can open one component for editing and add the pull. It will add it to the other one.

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Fantastic! Thanks Dave.

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But as i mentioned if you want everything to be unique with nested components you will need to address them separately