Parts explosion?

Just when I thought I was understanding things.

I’ve copied a drawer off to the side in preparation to separate the pieces so I can add dimensions. However, when I move any of the pieces (sub-components) it moves the related piece that is part of the other drawers. This didn’t happen with explosion of the shelf.

What have I done? What is different?
pantry.skp (556.1 KB)

Since the drawer is a component, whatever you do to one instance will be reflected in all instances. Explode that copy of the Drawer component as well as the drawer box component so you can move the parts away from each other without affecting the drawers in the assembled view of the model.

You only moved copies of the shelves off to the side. You didn’t move the trim pieces away from the shelf. If you did, you’d see the same thing.

If you want to keep a component, you can also move a copy then right click on that copy to get a contextual menu and then choose Make unique in that menu.

After that, anything you do to that component will not affect the original drawers.

Of course Jean is correct. Making the Drawer and drawer box components unique is also an option. I didn’t suggest that because I don’t see that there’s a whole lot of benefit in that for your model. As long as you leave the individual parts as iinstances of the components used in the assembled drawers you should be fine. At least if you have to make edits to the assembled drawers, those changes will carry through to the exploded view.

By the way, you should correct the reversed faces in the model.

Explode is exactly what I needed. Thanks again!

I can see the advantages of both approaches. For this use case I like your approach.

Now, what is this about reversed faces? (I’m about to learn something new. :slight_smile: )

The drawer bottom and back are showing the blue back face color. Faces in SketchUp have fronts and backs. Back faces should be on the inside of 3D shapes. Open one of the drawer bottom components for editing by triple clicking on it with the Select tool. Then right click on it and choose Reverse Faces. Repeat for the drawer back.