How do I explode or "make unique" all parts of my model? So I can lay them out on 4x8 sheets?

New user here. I have a workbench I modeled, but I need to figure how much wood to buy. I can’t figure out how to explode and/or make unique every item in my model. I want to do this so I can lay them out on a 4x8 rectangle to determine how much plywood I need to buy. I think I have nested components inside parent components, so is there an easy/quick way to make everything its own item/component? Maybe there are some extensions, but I’m on the free web version for now.

Here is my model:

Since you made all (most) of the parts as components, you can just drag instances of those components from the In Model components and lay them out as you want. Leave your original model alone, though.

The doors and back panel for the cabinet where the saw will sit are just loose geometry. You should make them components first.