How can I make a presentation of all the parts I've made?

So i create my first sketch up and my next big question is how do you export all the components i have created for this specific build. Is there an export or something that will present all the parts with all the information needed like width height etc…?

What do you mean by “export all the components”?

What is it you need from your model? What is the model of? Do you just need images showing the different parts of your model? If that’s it, use Layers to control the visibility of the components and make scenes that show the components as you want to see them. You can add dimensions with the Dimension tool. Then step through the scenes and export images or print.

Hi DaveR, thanks for replying…
I mean that even though i have a model made, i need to communicate with the wood supplier and give instruction of how many pieces and how i need them to be cut. Obviously showing just a picture wont work. As you said the dimension tool should give some information but i was wondering if there is an more analytical way to show them.

Assuming you used components for your model you can go through them and note how many of each will be needed along with their dimensions. Put those into a spreadsheet or other text document so you can send that to the wood supplier.

You can make a copy of the model and then pull that copy apart to make exploded views. In a typical plan morel I’ll have an assembled copy of the model and another copy that I’ve used to create exploded views from. Looks like this:

So there’s a scene with the assembled copy

And another scene withe the exploded view.

And then I copy components to use for 2-view or 2-view details.

By proper use of layers and scenes you can make other detail views as needed. Here is a view with the gate legs extended and the top removed.

And another showing the hinge mortise detail on the leaves.

In your case you could add dimensions to whichever scenes you feel the need to. Since I use SketchUp Pro, I do all of the dimensioning in LayOut, not in SketchUp.

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That can work too. Thanks Daver