How to make a better presentation/scenes/printout etc. of my model?



Okay so first things first, im a beginner at sketchup and this is my first project. With the help of some articles and youtube tutorials I’ve managed to complete my model (structurally its done but i might want to add some detail and materials for visual). Now i want to present it in an a) practical and b) appealing way.

What ive done so far is some copies of the model in different “stages” of the build. I’ve also done a “cut list” with measurements but that is pretty much just a mess.

Cant find and/or understand how to do these final touches. I want to:

  1. Have a practical drawing i can work from when building my model.
  2. Share the model in pdf format, showing it from different views and “stages of build”.
  3. If possible (mostly for fun) create an animation (possibly converted to gif?) that shows pretty much the same as #2.

Gratefull for any help, hints and ideas. If there’s any tutorials that would be helpfull for me here please link them. Will attach some screenshots and more importantly the sketchup file if anyone want to take a look. Thank you!

EDIT: Since im new user i currently have the 30-day trial for pro + layout.

model ready.skp (2.8 MB)


All of what you’re looking to do is exactly what LayOut is built for, and that’s part of the Pro package only. I assume this is because most people present to clients with commercial work, but since you aren’t doing professional work and aren’t using Pro, you’ll have to find other methods.

You can easily create scenes and export those as flat graphics which you can’t then add to a presentation in any other software you like, such as PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator or Indesign, or any other comparable layout program. In those apps you would add your documentation and notation and any other additional specs you like, including cover pages and the sort. PDFs would be quick exports after that.


Thanks for reply! Any tutorials on how i would do this in layout?
Since im a new user i still have the 30-day trial for pro/layout.


Yeah, there are tons. Go check out YouTube, I suppose.


Check out the new course that just launched on the SkechUp Campus site: - shoot me any specific questions you have re: the content. Good luck!