LayOut Presentation Mode

My laptop died so I can not do any testing for myself. I have done done research in the help system but I would like to have some feedback from those who have used the presentation mode of LayOut to present your work or SketchUp features to customers, potential customers, or others who are/might be interested in SketchUp.

  1. How does LayOut compare to other presentation software such as PowerPoint?

    • I know you can create template so that your slides/pages willl have a professional look.
    • Can you add text, graphics and other features like you would in PP?
    • Can you embed videos and etc. on a page?
  2. When you add your SU model to a slide, can you specify/limit the view to a given SU scene?

  3. When you click on the SU model on a slide:

    • Can you play a SU animation that plays multiple scenes; can you have multiple scene animations in a single model or can that only be accomplished by having scene animations in multiple models?

    • Can you include dynamic components and play the during your presentation? If so, can you have multiple dynamic components in your model that can be played on a single slide.

    • Is there a way to add and play other animations?

I could go on with other questions but I think the answers to these issues will provide a good insight into the strength of LayOut as a presentation tool. Again, I would have done my own testing/research if I had access to my laptop and appreciate any feedback you can share.

You can add text, images, spreadsheets, symbols, and more to your document.
You cannot embed videos - but you can add gifs
SketchUp models linked to the doc can be set to your SketchUp scenes - we cannot emphasize enough how important an organized SketchUp model is to success in Layout.

You will not be able to play the SketchUp animation, but you can switch between scenes. I would not advise switching between scenes within a viewport during a live presentation. If you wanted to play an animation, I would just jump back into SketchUp, or export a video file to show separately.

Dynamic components cannot be changed in Layout. There is no way to alter/edit SketchUp geometry, but you can change the style, tags, and visual settings.

I would recommend checking this out - Presentation Mode - Let's Talk LayOut

Even before you get down to a feature comparison lets just consider accessibility…

Powerpoint is on virtually every PC in the universe… billions of people know how to use it, edit with it, enhance with it…

Layout by comparison is a grain of sand of accessibility. So if you want your presentation effort to be more than a single point in time event, there is no argument

If you want to fly around the model interactively… just open it up in SU alongside PowerPoint… and use scenes to navigate… or even edit the model live… that’s what I do

What I think you need to consider when preparing a presentation are questions like -
How do you give you Layout Presentation to your client?..
How do you give it to your secretary to correct spelling mistakes?
Do they also have access to Sketchup Pro on their PC’s so they can also re-present, edit, replicate, enhance, adapt or distribute the presentation ?

We live in a very interconnected world and the more inter-operable data is the valuable it is.

As for the feature comparison.?. Well thats a long story

If you want to see how LayOut presentation should work, check out this presentation

Beautiful presentation of watch mechanisms but is its not clear if or how Layout Presentations capability contributed to it?

LayOut was not used. I was sharing it as an example of the kind of presentation capability LayOut should have,