How to present design without SketchUp

I have created a design of a laneway for a school project and I have to present it to the class. I am just wondering how I can do that as my teacher doesn’t have sketchup on her computer. What are some ways to present it on a tv that is connected to her laptop. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Is there an internet connection available? If so, you could use my.SketchUp to show and navigate around the model just as in your desktop version of SketchUp. Or you could make image exports and create a slideshow in Power Point or make a PDF using LayOut and open that on your teacher’s computer.

would I be able to pre set the presentation and play it on the my.Sketchup? Can I do a walkthrough of the laneway and just press play or something? not too sure how it works?

You can create scenes in your SketchUp model and click through them in my.SketchUp just as you’d click through them in SketchUp on your computer. I don’t believe my.SketchUp supports playing the scenes as an animation like you can in desktop SketchUp.

Another option would be to export an animation of your walk through and put the resulting video file on a memory stick or upload it to a video hosting site and access it there.

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Thanks you so much for your help. Honestly helped me out heaps. Thanks again

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if internet connection is laggy you mant use the free SketchUp Viewer standalone application for Windows and Mac OS.

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