Virtual tour through rooms

Hi there.
I made different rooms and wondered if there is a possibility to make a virtual tour through my rooms. Is this possible and if the answer is ‘yes’ how can I manage to do this?

Lovelovelove Marlene

Yes, you can apply the ’ Walk’ tool when being in ’ Perspective’ mode. This would be realtime.
You could also save different views in subsequent scenes. Each scene would save a different camera location. Then use ‘Play’ to see the animation. Be sure to have ‘Transsition’ on an at a certain time with no pause to get a smooth animation from through the scenes.

I don’t know what I did wrong but somehow my ‘play’ function isn’t working. Do I have to add a special option before? And by the way, can I save the animation to show it in my presentation?

Thanks :slight_smile:

And how can I make my animation more smooth? It seems like it stops all the time although I put the duration between the scenes to 0… Any ideas? @DaveR

In the ‘Animation’ window set the delay time to zero!
The animation will now run smoothly from scene to scene.
You could increase the ‘Scene Transition’ time and/or add more camera positions in between, along your desired path, plus their saved scenes including these positions.

This animation runs inside SketchUp.
You could export an animation through menu File > Export > Animation for external use.

I put the delay time to zero and it still seems like it stops all the time :frowning: Any ideas what I did wrong?

I / we can only tell when looking at your file. Can you share it here on the forum.
Upload it, attached to your next post.
(7the icon above where you type)

I tried to but the video was too big. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

I mean the *.skp model with the rooms, not the animation video. You could also upload the model to 3D Warehouse and share the link to it here in your post.

Thank you, but I waited so long, so I showed it with the stops in the videos. But it looked ok. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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