How to create virtual walk-through and share?

So I am currently doing a multimedia project (year 11) which involves me creating and designing a house, where the viewer is able to walk through the house virtually (but not in editing mood, in a mood where they can only view). I was wondering if this is possible to do it on google sketch up, and if it is how can I?

Thank you

You can draw a house and set up a walk through (using scenes) in SketchUp and then, if you don’t want the viewer to be able to edit the model, either have them use the SketchUp Viewer or export an animation of your walk through.

By the way, it hasn’t been “Google SketchUp” for 5 years.

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Thanks for the reply,
I want the viewer to interact with the animation and be able to choose where they want to go but not be able to edit the design.

SketchUp is an editing application.

You can however reduce the user interface by hiding all toolbars and trays. You could also set groups/components to be “locked” to avoid accidential changes (but right-click unlock makes them editable again). Then you can use the lookaround/walk tool like in a game.

An alternative is to export the model to an external view-only application with first-person camera mode (e.g. web viewers like SketchFab).

So you can use the SketchUp Viewer as I wrote. Or as @Aerilius wrote, you could limit the number of toolbars displayed (if you have the opportunity to set up and control the SketchUp interface) and you could lock groups and components to make them less likely to get edited. If you are sending the SketchUp file to the whomever would be viewing it, if they have SketchUp, there’s nothing to stop them editing it, though.

Is there a possibility where I can export and allow the viewer to still walk around. I want it to look professional due to part of my assignment is that I’m replicating an architecture company.

So there is no possibility to achieve what I want? Okay, do you have any recommendations of programs which will allow me to do what I am aiming for?

Did you read @Aerilius comment about using sketchfab?

That’s what I wrote, an example for a web viewer with such capability is SketchFab. See this example:

(Click the gear button → Navigation → First Person, and then go fullscreen)

You can directly upload from SketchUp to SketchFab with Alex Schreyer’s SketchFab Uploader extension. That requires however that you are allowed to install extensions on the computer that you use (e.g. your own).

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I recommend using Unity or Unreal Engine. Those are game engines and basically you can create ‘your 3D game’ that people can walk around -and shoot stuff if you want-. You can send them the ‘exe file’ which they open as a game.
But this won’t be an ‘asap’ solution, you’ll need to learn couple of things about those softwares.

Note that Unity supports native .skp files, so you can directly import your model.

You can export to a LightUp (.luca) file (using the LightUp SketchUp extension.) *

Then the person doing the walkthrough will need the free LightUp Player applet, or a free LightUp Player browser plugin.

* The main LightUp SketchUp extension is not free, but there is a 30 day trial.

ping @AdamB

Here are a couple more samples with SktechFab:

If you have a BIG budget, here is an example of a really nice online walkthrough.

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