Virtual Reality, 3D modeling

Does anyone know of a SU to 3D modeling plug-in or better yet, a company that does this relatively cheaply?

Also, not really a question, but interesting, SU now does virtual reality in seconds:

35 million SU users, huh? Great! :slight_smile:

Not entirely sure what you’re asking. Do you want to convert Sketchup models to VR walkthroughs? There are a few ways to do this. Check out the free version of Unity and give that a shot for starters. You can use Sketchup or FBX exported files within it, and Unity has native VR capability. I believe that the Unreal game engine can do the same.

Autodesk Stingray can work with Sketchup exported FBX files directly as well, but it’s not free. It does VR really well, though, and is probably the easiest to learn out of all of them.

Agree. @NewThinking2, Your question and the title make no sense.

Are you looking for already established topics like:

Well… SU IS 3d modeling… Are you looking for SketchUp to VR?

And here is a search link into the Extension Warehouse:

Actually no.
I want to create a physical model of my building and surrounding landscape and buildings. I was wondering if there’s a SU to 3D printer option to do that, and since these 3D printers tend to be expensive, if there’s a company that can take my SU file and do it for me for a fee.

Now that’s something else, entirely! Have you searched the forum for printing services? There have been a few posts on this, including a few that reviewed some of the services out there.

CadSpan have been around the SU scene the longest, and may be able to cope with your model…

CADspan "shrinkwraps"your CAD model to eliminate geometry errors and use powder deposition to create the model…

haven’t looked them up in years…


Thanks. I will look them up when the time comes.


Hope I can be of assistance with the VR side of things -

We started using Enscape a few weeks ago on the HTC Vive virtual reality headset and are still amazed with the results within both Revit and Sketchup. Rendering is relatively fast and the VR option is simple plug and play as in - just install it then switch on your VR headset (Either Oculus or HTC Vive) and the controls will be available in the overhead tool bars. There is a trial on their website if you want to give it a go.

You can ALSO produce a VR walk-through using Unity 3D - however this is dependent on the geometric size of your model - Polygon count is big deal in any game engine - you cant just bring in a huge plant room full of geometry and expect the engine to perform, there is significant optimization you can do in either 3DS Max or Blender to bring the count down. Textures are also a topic on their own and achieving the overall look of the simulation is also dependent on your skill level within Unity. Major areas to play with would be lighting and UV wrapping. This is however the cheapest option as Unity is free and has a very big knowledge base on their website to learn from.

Have you figured it out yet?

I added the extension “STL Import & Export”, which perfectly creates a .stl file, which can be read by 3D printers. Took on a USB stick to our local library (many libraries here in Scotland have them). Also added extension ‘Solid Inspector’ to check the model before STL-ing.

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