How do I embed interactive models in my website? (3D clickable image map)


is it possible to do the following - like a 3D clickable image map.

  1. Make certain elements / areas clickable (I assume this works whith dynamic components / interact tool) For example only the windows of my model would be click sensitive.
  2. Enable this click events to link to other sections of my website, or send parameters to other sections of my website. My audience does not only want to move, rotate the object. Object specific data should be send somewhere, if the audience clicks on certain areas.
  3. Embed this clickable object in a website like an interactive video / image.
  • Which plugins / tools would I need to create this?
  • Which plugins would my audince need on their machine / browser to view / interact this?
  • Would my audinece be able to view / interact this only on desctop pc / mac, or also on mobile devices (android /ios)?


In a word - no.

While there is an embeddable web viewer which allows people without any form of SketchUp to pan/orbit/zoom, it lacks any other ways to interact with the model - including reacting to area specific clicks. (OK, it’s possible to attach a single url activated by a click).

The only way I’m aware of to have a model respond in different ways to clicks on different areas of the model is through using dynamic components and the “onclick” actions - but those are only available in SketchUp Make and Pro.

There might be a way using third party viewers - but I don’t know enough about them to answer definitively.


thanks a lot for your quick response.

OK, then I am going to look for third party Viewers out there.
Due to the fact that I would need this functionality for more than 25.000 ojects on my website, it might be worth developing this (get someone to develop this, as I do not have coding skills).

Cool would be, if Sketchup could export this “interactivity values” for external event handling.


Two of the closet tools I can think of are CL3VER and Sketchfab. Sorry I cannot add links to them right now. I think CL3VER comes the closest but be aware the it is rather expensive.

This is a common question asked 2 / 3 times a year (it seems.)

Here is a recent similar thread:

… in which I responded:

You can export to a LightUp (.luca) file (using the LightUp SketchUp extension.) *

Then the person doing the walkthrough will need the free LightUp Player applet, or a free LightUp Player browser plugin.

* The main LightUp SketchUp extension is not free, but there is a 30 day trial.

I suggest to reask your interactivity questions at the LightUp forum:

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