3D model viewer with dynamic component options

Is there a possibility to embed sketchup models into a website with the ability to change the model’s dynamic options?

Unfortunately no.

Although the current version of the Web model viewer is based on the real SketchUp, the dynamic components are realized as an extension which SketchUp for Web does not support.

Apart from that, a free, embeddable Web viewer would probably only allow interacting but not modifying dynamic attributes because that is a Pro feature.

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The essential answer is “No” as @Aerilius said, but the details are a bit more nuanced.

The Pro feature is the ability to create Dynamic Components (DC) and set their attributes in the Component Attributes screen. This includes the ability to allow a user to see/alter attributes via the Component Options screen.

If the creator of a DC exposed any attributes for user alternation via the Component Options screen, or defined any “on-click” actions, then even a Make user can interact with the DC in the limited ways allowed by the creator.

NONE of this currently exists in the Web based versions (Free and Shop) nor any of the Viewer apps. - So until and unless it appears there, I highly doubt that we’ll see it in an embeddable viewer.