Dynamic components in SketchUp Free web

Do dynamic components work in SketchUp Free online? I have inserted a DC from the warehouse and the scaling tool scales the object rather than adding/removeing elements as a DC should.

The “dynamic” capabilities are neither built into these components, nor into SketchUp. They are provided by an extension which is usually installed by default. Since SketchUp extensions are written in the Ruby language, there is currently no possibility how to run this on the web in SketchUp Free.

There might be a solution added in future to use Ruby extensions or totally different new extensions. Maybe there will even be something even more innovative than dynamic components.

But for users who want to use dynamic components, SketchUp Free is not suitable.

In brief, not yet (and unknown if ever…). The DC extension is based on Ruby, which does not run on SketchUp Free yet.

Is there a free version that is downloadable? The web version is also
incapable of using plugins like engineering toolbox.

Is there a way to open files generated in the web version in a prior
release? 2016 says it cannot read .skp generated in modern versions.

Yes, here is the page for all SketchUp downloadable versions. Look for SketchUp Make 2017. Trimble have SketchUp Make 2015 and 2016 available for download as well, but I cannot find the page at the moment.

To use a model created with SketchUp Free (the web version), upload the model to the 3D warehouse and then download it within SketchUp Make 2016 (which I think will automatically choose the 2016 format); or when using a web browser to download you can manually select the desired version I think.

Thanks so much for the info. I was able to download 2017. Opening the model through Trimble connect fails with the “created in newer version” error. However, downloading from Trimble then opening in 2017 works.

Until the web version is more responsive and includes some must-have features, I’ll stick to the local version.

Same question, but different follow up:
Is there a free version that runs on Linux?

SketchUp Free, the online version will run in your Internet browser on Linux. There is no support for Linux with any desktop client version of SketchUp.

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