SketchUp Free vs Paid Versions (The 10 Key Differences)

Confused what the differences are between all the versions of SketchUp? You’re definitely not alone. To help you sort it out, we created a YouTube video that lays out the 10 Key Differences between SketchUp Free, SketchUp Shop, and SketchUp Pro. Here are the topics we cover in the video:

  1. Web vs Desktop
  2. Intended Users
  3. SketchUp Extensions
  4. Starting From an Existing CAD File
  5. 3D Modeling Tools
  6. Adding Pre-Built 3D Models
  7. Creating Custom Colors & Materials
  8. Importing Satellite Imagery & Location Information
  9. 3D Printing & CNC Fabrication
  10. Exporting Renderings, Walkthroughs, Drawings & More

You can watch the video here:

And then let me know if you have any comments or questions!

IIRC DC creation isn’t possible on the Free (web) version.

DC creation is only available in SketchUp Pro. Not the web versions nor SketchUp Make.

Yes, you can only create Dynamic Components in SketchUp Pro. For people that are new to SketchUp and are wondering which version to use, we’ve rarely found that creating Dynamic Components is a feature that they would know they need right from the outset so we left it off the list for this video. But it is a good point to make sure folks are aware of.

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Oui, mais il est possible de modifier un composant dynamique importé dans make 2017.

Only the Component Options dialog panel is available for Make, not the Attributes Panel.

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Well done!