Please help me

Hello I am confused with my license it is SketchUp for Web (personal ) what is the difference between the pro sketchup ? like there are things I cant find it in the web pleas help me
Thank you

the tool bar in this pic on the upper part is not exist in web version

The user interface is different between the web-based version you’ve been using and the desktop version you show in your screen shot. The native tools work the same way between them. The big difference is that the desktop pro version can utilize extensions while the web version cannot. There are a few extension toolbars shown in that screen shot although most of the toolbars show duplicates of the native tools which is a waste of space.

Your profile indicates you have SketchUp Shop. If that’s the case, it has a few more tools and options available than the free version.

Another thing with the pro version is the addition of LayOut which is useful if you need to create any sort of documentation from your models.

Thank you a lot !