Desktop and Web (?)

By subscribing to SketchUp-Pro, what do Desktop and Web mean?

Thank you.

There are two basic “types” of SketchUp each coming in a few different flavors. One version is an online portal that runs in a browser window, on the “web” (SketchUp for Schools, Free, Shop). The other is a desktop application that runs on your computer even when you don’t have internet, has a fuller feature set, and supports extensions. Both are useful, Professionals using SketchUp are almost universally using the desktop app.

Thank you for the clarification endlessfix!!
But the subscription notes both: Desktop and Web (?)

I am no expert in this so hopefully someone with better knowledge will chime in here. As I understand it options that list both give you access to either, although if one has the desktop app I’m not sure why one would use the web based version.

You are not alone in being slightly confused by the offerings, here is more discussion:

SketchUp Pro subscription includes all of what you would get with SketchUp Shop.