Sketchup Pro in Sketchup Web

Hi - probably a dumb user question -
I want to see a list of detailed differences between

  1. Shop and Pro
  2. Pro Web vs Pro Desktop

I have seen the differences between Shop and Pro where there are about 5-7 rows, but I want more specifics re: tool selection, ability to export individual Components from a model, etc that kind of thing. Surely that kind of detail lives somwhere.

and Last question:
3) If I upgrade from Shop to Pro, does it Pro rate my subscription? Thanks!

SketchUp Shop is the closest thing to

SketchUp 2020 is the desktop client version which is supported for Windows and Mac but not Linux as you indicate you are using.

SketchUp 2020 has more import/export options and has the added benefit of supporting extensions which potentially adds tons more tools for a variety of uses from modeling, to modifications, to imports and exports. In addition you would have LayOut which is documentation adjunct for SketchUp.

If you upgrade to the SketchUp Pro license you would have access to both SketchUp 2020 and SketchUp Shop. See:

As for the cost of the subscription, you should contact Customer Support directly for that.

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Thanks DaveR. Are there differences between Pro-2020 Desktop and Pro-2020 Web? Or are all features available in the Web version (if in different places, that’s fine)

(It is not clear to me if the nomenclature ‘2020’ is synonymous with Desktop… )

This is SketchUp Shop which you seem to already be using.

The desktop version is SketchUp 2020. As I wrote, there are more features in the desktop version because it supports extensions which can add all kinds of tools and capabilities you don’t get in the web-based version. The list is too long to include here but you could peruse the Extension Warehouse to get some idea of a few of the extensions available. There are more from other sources as well.

In addition to what I’ve already told you, the desktop client version only needs an internet connection every 28 days to ping the license server or if you want access to the Extension Warehouse, 3D Warehouse, Trimble Connect, or the geo-location feature.

SketchUp Shop, although it has a version number is not normally referred to by the year because you get the most current version of it every time you start it up in your browser.

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