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The company I work for is considering SketchUp Pro. I haven’t been able to get in touch with customer service but I am looking for more information on the technical specifications. For starters, is SketchUp Pro Desktop compatible with Windows 10? Also, is there a difference in functionalities and features offered by the SketchUp Pro Desktop and Pro Web-based variant?

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Yes. For starters, SketchUp Shop (the web-based paying version) cannot run plugins and doesn’t have LayOut (the “paper space” application).

Thank you for this quick response, Anssi! Are you part of the user community, or a representative from SketchUp? Kind regards.

Yes. “Sages” aren’t employed by Trimble, as a rule.

Questions in this forum are answered by people in the community, but people at SketchUp do also watch posts as well.

I think that at the moment there are two Sages that also work at SketchUp.

Here is the contact page for customer service:

The main differences between desktop and web is that the desktop version can handle more complex models, and there are extensions that let you add features to SketchUp, and those don’t work in the web version.

Four, I think: You, Christina, Thomthom and Chris Fullmer. MIght have missed someone.

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