Skellion PV plug in for sketchup

does any one know if skellion plug in for PV projects work on the Pro web version of ketchup

Currently, no plugins can be used in any of the Sketchup web versions.

Oh! Okay thanks for that info. I do not have the latest skup pro and I am in the dark about how it can be both a web and desktop product.
So in the case of the latest pro which is advertised as desktop and web (together) it cannot be used at all?

No. You misunderstand. There’s SketchUp Pro 2020 which is the desktop client version and SketchUp Shop which is the web-based version. With the Pro and Studio subscriptions you get both. You can use extensions with SketchUp Pro 2020.

It cannot. SketchUp Pro is a desktop application. The paid Web version is called SketchUp Shop.

applications. With one licence you can use both. But for using plugins (extensions) you have to download the desktop version and install locally on your computer. Then you can install any extension.

Thanks Anssi. I used to use skup desk top some time ago but in recent times came back to skup and opted to go with skup shop on the web. The pro upgrade option talks about web and desktop hence my confusion. So with the new pro sub you download a desk top product complete with layout etc and so, what access have you on the web? Just the skup shop as well?

Ahh I see! Many thanks Dezmo for clarifying that for me.

Thanks for clearing that up Dave!

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