Pro vs Free Web version Interface

This is just a general question as I am thinking about buying Pro version.
I use to have SketchUp 2017 Desktop version on my PC.
I had tool bars on left and at top of my drawing area. I also had the property menus on the right (Layers, Materials, Components…)

Todays Free Web version has funky toolbars to the left with combined tools with fly outs and on the right the property menus. Not very user friendly. I have a hard time finding the tools I need. Seems like I spend more time finding what I need than I am drawing.

My question is this:
With the Pro version, will the interface be like the old 2017 Desktop version or is it like the Free Web version?

Can someone post just a screen shot of the Desktop Pro version so I can see it?


The Pro desktop version, currently SketchUp 2021, looks more like SketchUp 2017 and other desktop versions. SketchUp Shop, the pro web version, looks almost the same as SketchUp Free.

The interfaces are different but with use, you can get used to those differences. It’s a bit like driving different vehicles.

Thanks Dave
On another note. I have your SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers Advanced Techniques
I have learned quite a bit with that and enjoy reading your responses in the forum.
So a BIG Thanks for supporting the forum community with your time and knowledge!


Thank you for that. It’s nice to know that stuff is helpful.

Happy holidays!