Where are the menus? 2021 pro (web version)

HI, I got the WebPro subscription hoping to get a real difference from the free version but I cannot export images, I do not have the top menu ( File, Edit, Camera, Tools etc), nor I have the top and left side buttons (see red circle in the image, the blue circle highlights what I have) … I must be doing something wrong (I hope) because I basically have what I had for free…help, please.

The image you are showing is from the desktop version, did you buy Pro or Shop.
Shop is the upgraded version of the free web version, Pro is the desktop version and includes the shop/web version.
If you have bought Pro, you need to download and install it.
Show us a screenshot of what you have.

Ouch! … Now it is clear that I’ve just wasted 130+ Euro for something I do not need. Thanks to your message I’ve just realized that in fact I do NOT have Pro… I only have SHOP … and yes I use it on web. This is really sad because I really do not need this program as it is and since I’m just a curious amateur I’m not going for the PRO version, out of my league (and wallet).
I truly thank you for taking your time on Xmas eve to reply to my message. Happy Holidays to you my friend.

No worries, have a good one yourself.
Shop does have more features than Free.

You could always download the 2017 desktop version, which is free but won’t be updated any further. The download is available from the download page.

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You can go to this page to ask for a refund:


I am not sure if many people are working today, so the refund may be delayed a little.

Wow, that’s very kind of you to highlight that for me,
I’ll check it out.
Thank you so much for that, Happy Holidays and Stay Safe!