Sketchup shop problems

I have subscribed to the Sketchup Shop. I received a confirmation on the order but cannot figure out how to get access to it. When I go online the Shop does not have all the functions along the top that is in the free version. I presumed I would get the shop version of sketchup online with all the same features. What am I doing wrong. It seems to want to give me the trial version of Pro 2019 everytime. There is no one at Sketchup to call I was hoping someone could direct a doofus like me.

Which free version are you comparing it to?

If you click on the file folder icon at the top left and hover over Export, what export file type options do you have available?

The GUI for the web versions is completely reorganized from the desktop versions. Most tools are in the toolbar at the left (with popouts for variations and related tools). Most things that would be windows on the desktop version are in the trays at the right. And some functions are in the “hamburger” menu or folder icon at the top. Poke around a bit and see if you can find what you need.

Thanks so much.
png and stl for direct and 8 others for cloud based

Sounds like you’re looking at Sketchup Shop, then.

I was looking for unhide. I have a bunch of components but they won’t unhide.
Thanks so much

Look at the tray icon at the left that looks like a pair of glasses. Unhide is at the top.


That is good to know… I think maybe I have lost all the work. I made a model in what I though was Shop but today it turned out to be the free trial version of 2019 PRO and asked me to pay for it, all I have on my desktop is an autosave version with a bunch of components hidden. So sorry to bother you all this is the first time I have used it…

Thank you so much! I found it but when I select the entire project and do unhide nothing happens. It won’t allow me to delve any deeper to unhide.
I will keep trying… sheesh it is tough to be a doofus…

Are you sure you hid the components instead of erasing them?

Upload the SKP file so we can take a look.

Well I sure hope not but at least I have the saved version. Here it is.
AutoSave_curio2_2.skp (1.7 MB)

Thanks so much for your help

Does this look like what you’re expecting?

AutoSave_curio2_2.skp (1.7 MB)

I notice that you aren’t using layers correctly. You need to make sure you leave Layer 0 active at all times and make sure ALL edges and faces remain on Layer 0.

Yes I had two scenes as well the first scene is the final version and this scene I was trying to get all the cut dimensions an joinery off of it. How did you do that? You are a wizard!

I just unhid everything. Some of it was unhideable without any special gymnastics. Some things like the glass in the sides I had to open the side component for editing first.

I haven’t gotten layers straight in my mind so I am not surprised… I have spent so much time trying to get this far I decided to get the blowup and go buy the wood… :slight_smile:
Do you have two scene’s at least?

A note about @DaveR’s fixup: an obscure aspect of “unhide” is that it works only within the current editing context (model, open group, or open component).

I uploaded the file for you. There are two scenes in it.

Thank you so much Dave I don’t see the upload attached where does it show?

And another GUI difference in the web version: scenes (if any) are managed by the “Views” item in the tray at right. Unlike the desktop version, the web version does not put scene tabs across the top.