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Okay. I’ve searched for this and while mentioned seems to go away in the community.
I just signed up for FREE 2020 web based. I don’t see the menus/icon lists mentioned in any of the tutroials. Even though I have done a couple of drawings just to learn with the limited icon set I have with the MacOS and Chrome.

I would pop for the next web version upgrade if there were any hope I could access the menus and do things like print and organize my drawing output to paper.

If there is some sort of trigger to get those menus to show, I’d like to know what it is. If it is just a matter of upgrading, I’ll do it. But I[m hesitant to do it thinking that I might end up with the same problems I have now.

Have an idea about this?

Which tutorials are you watching? Most of them were written for the desktop version of SketchUp, not for the free web version. The web GUI is entirely different from the desktop. Most of the same functions are available, but they are arranged in icons along the left edge of the screen and pop-out trays along the right edge.

You can export images from your model as PNGs directly to your computer and then print those. Click on the file folder icon to access that. Or click Print.
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In the desktop version most tools can be shown at once, and tutorials you have seen were using the desktop version, with the tools showing.

In the web version the tools are somewhat buried, like you might see in Photoshop. I’m often defeated in Photoshop because I can’t remember which tool the paint bucket is a sub-tool of!

In the SketchUp web app there is a magnifying glass. If you see a tutorial that talks about Zoom Extents, as an example, and you don’t know that it’s part of the bottom tool on the left, you can click the magnifier and type something in there. The results will let you select the tool without having to find it, and also you’ll be reminded about what the keyboard shortcut is.

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On the question of upgrading, Shop would have the same interface and need to locate tools as Free would. Pro, that includes the desktop app, would have the tools you see in most tutorials.

You can learn the shortcuts for the basic tools, they are the same in the web and the desktop versions.

I have yet to find the PRINT option.

From @DaveR’s post above.

Well, true but this is like a screen shot with the XYZ coordinates. What I need are three 2d faces…for example. And scaled (at my option) I went through the xporting and importing menu. Maybe there’s a third party that would allow this? Or, the upgrade version?

Upload your .skp file so we can see what it is you are trying to do exactly.

If you need to print the view of the model at a specific scale, you’ll likely need to go to Pro and maybe use LayOut.

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