Where's the menu?

I get that the Web-free version is different. I’m trying to learn it. I’m watching the tutorials. I’m still lost. I’m sent to the menu at the top File Edit View Camera Draw Tools Window Extension Help
but I can’t find those functions in Web.
The SketchUp School intro leads off with Window/Preferences/Template/ConstructionDocumentation
How do I get there in Web-Free?

I made this cheat sheet for someone else, but figured it might help you learn the menus. So here you go.

Clicking around and trying everything out will help too. It’s pretty hard to mess anything up because you can always start a new drawing.


Go to Model Info and set your units

and to Styles to change the look of the work window

Notice that in the first sentence “it” is SketchUp Web and in the second it is SketchUp Make or Pro?

It is a known problem that the plethora of existing teaching material is an obstacle for finding SketchUp Web material (although apart from the different user interface their core functionality works identically). But I’d not be surprised if this problem is solved somewhen by SketchUp.

As with any computer software, you are free to explore on your own the user interface and click on all menus, toolbars, buttons to find out what is there (and where). Having that done once you will have much more ease to find things in future. Tutorials focus on teaching functionality, not on teaching every user interface change.

I see those tools. I have explored those tools. Your reply is helpful, and I’m sure I’ll refer to it, but it doesn’t tell me where to find the menu.

  1. Does the File Edit View Camera Draw Tools Window Extension Help menu exist in Web?
    If so, where. If not, are all of the functions of Pro contained in that menu available to Web?

  2. I want a 2D line drawing. Maybe later I’ll want to play in 3D, but right now I just want to know if this tool can help me. How do I get to a 2D in Web?

  3. If the menus of Web are unlike Pro, are there any tutorials for Web?

There are difference between the Web and Desktop versions, even for that menu. I just show you a substitute for what you ask about that link for templates.
A lot of functions does not exist in Web version, but if you learn and understand the Desktop version from tutorials, it will be very easy to work in SketchUp Free.

  1. As already said, since the user interface is different, there is no such menu. The functionality of the menu bar is organized differently (it was duplicated anyways). A lot of things in the world work even without an (old-fashioned) menubar.
  • File operations are in the top left corner ( SketchUp/Application-related, :file_folder: Open/Import/Export)
  • View and Camera are in the right sidebar
  • Draw, Tools and camera tools are like all tools in the left toolbar
  • Window: 3D Warehouse is in the top left application menu, Drawers and Entity Info are in the right sidebar, Extension Warehouse does not exist.
  • Extensions don’t exist
  1. You will not have fun drawing in 2d, because SketchUp has no 2d canvas but always a third dimension that comes in the way. It’s best to draw right from the start in 3d. If you do 2d design, use SketchUp LayOut or a proper 2d design app (like Inkscape or one of the Adobe’s products).


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