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Sketchup menu along the top of the drawing screen is not showing up. I am on Internet version and I get only the Safari menu of File/Edit/View, etc. Did not find a Help button. How do I show the menu. upon selecting a whole roof, I got the menu where I could Make group. Key point: Under View, I should be able to find the Large Toolset; I’m stuck with the small one.

Your profile is confusing, it says you are on 2023 “Pro Plan”, but the body of your text says you are on the “Internet version”. The interface is significantly different between the two versions. Does yours look like this?

This is the interface for the Web version of Sketchup. There is no top menu with options as there is in desktop and there is only one size of toolset.

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Thank you for the big picture. Yes, that is what I have.
The training is on the pro plan; how do I get over to the pro plan? I’ll try closing Sketchup and look for the Pro version among available apps.
Today, I find that typing rectangle dimensions, 4",4", does not work. Is that a limitation of the web version?

Are you drawing the recctangle correctly?

Good catch. I wasn’t doing the second click.
Thank you, DaveR! Well done.

If you have a Pro Subscription you should ceritanly download and install the latest version of SketchUp Pro. It is a desktop application that must be installed on your hard drive.

Now in Pro. Starting over. There wasn’t anything of value in the two files I saved. Does one use Internet when away from the office? If so, I would assume a file started in Pro could be modified via the internet, using the Internet version, no?
Thank you, endless fix! Much obliged.

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Yes, the web and pro use the same file format but…No, Pro only saves files to your HD. Pro is a complete stand alone program on your computer. It needs to ping the license server about once a month to confirm your subscription is active, but other than that it can run without any internet connection. ( except of course functions that require downloading data like the 3D warehouse or map and terrain data). All your files are saved locally on your computer. There are ways to make files available to edit from anywhere if that is important to you.

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With a SketchUp Pro license, though, you can publish your model to your Trimble Connect storage from SketchUp Pro and then open the model in SketchUp Go (the internet browser version) if you need to. Or, if you are opening SketchUp Go on the same machine on which you were working in Pro you could use OpenFrom Device and open the file in the web version.

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After completing lessons 1 - 12 in SetUp Fundamentals, I went back to review some of the SketchUp Fundaments but found all of the instructional videos to be greyed-out. I have tried rebooting the iPad, deleting the files and downloading fresh copies–to no avail. Is there a restriction that allows only one use?
Also, do I stay with this thread or do I start new topics as I work through the very basics?
Thank you, endless fix and DaveR!

There are no restrictions on the tutorial videos that I know of, you should be able to watch as many times as you like.

To keep the Forum tidy and searchable for other users with similar questions it is best to start a new thread for each specific question. Every thread can have only one solution, once the solution is checked off the question in the title is considered answered, starting fresh means others may find your question and it’s solution easily. It’s also always worth searching with a few key words about your new questions as it’s likely someone else has asked something like it before and been answered. Good luck, we will see you around.