Getting title bar

I can’t seem to get SketchUp to fill my screen and the top title bar is missing! Please help

Are you using SketchUp Shop through an online browser as your profile indicates. Which browser are you using, is it in full screen mode? Does it not look like this?

Yes, with Chrome. Windows 10. Where the hell is that top menu bar? Thanks

Weird, maybe restart your browser, sign out and sign back in? I understand Chrome is usually pretty solid. Is your browser window zoomed by chance?

Try holding down the ctrl key and scrolling the mouse wheel…

or hold ctrl and hit 0

If you are watching tutorials etc. that relate to the desktop version of SketchUp, take note that the Web version has a different interface, with all functions in the buttons on the left and right and no top menu bar.

You’re missing this?
Screenshot - 12_20_2021 , 8_14_23 AM

No, I have that and the 2 little side pallets. I guess that’s all you get with the web-based shop version. Thanks everyone for the help. Wish I could get bigger tool displays.

Yes. The bulk of the user interface in the web versions is on the sides of the screen.

Bigger how? You mean you want more menus? Other than a different appearance compared to the desktop version, everything is available. The main thing you don’t get is the ability to use extensions.

Guess I’ve just got to get used to the interface. Tough transition from Solidworks and Autocad Inventor. Thanks

Maybe look at Sketchup Pro.

Big difference between them and SketchUp Shop indeed. Huge difference in price, too. Even Sketchup Pro would cost less and you would have both the desktop and web versions available.

I will suggest that you don’t try to apply SolidWorks or Inventor workflow to SketchUp, no matter which version you are using.

Best wishes.