Setting Up Sketchup

Hi all
I am a Sketchup “20th century” student and just starting out. My start desk top isn’t as the training I have been doing and can’t work out how to get what i need to have easy access to.
IE The top bar doesn’t show FILE EDIT VIEW CAMERA DRAW TOOLS WINDOW EXTENSIONS HELP drop downs and to the right it has most of the drawing icons but not all.
It has 3 lines and this directs you to HOME NEW OPEN SAVE AS ETC …
thank you


What you describe is the Web version, and it sounds like you have been ‘training’ with the desktop version. The image is a desktop version.
The layouts are quite different, but most of the tools are available in both.
Your profile says you are using 2022 pro, which would mean you have access to both the web and desktop version.
The desktop version needs to be downloaded and installed.
So, you sort of need to clarify what you have and therefore how to use it.

thank you so much as it was doing my head in. Is one easier to operate than the other for beginners?
greatly appreciate your prompt reply.

Personally I find the desktop version more user friendly as the tools can all be on display, while the web version has them all tucked away in flyout menus.

thanks heaps for the heads up.

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