Is it possible to use the web Interface in the Desktop version?

I used the free web version for three years, the goal was to learn. And I did. I recently moved to SketchUp Go, and now I’m working with bigger more complex drawings. In my line of work, I receive CADs, import them and build my models from there. Today, because a client wanted to see different fonts on a 3D Text, I started the SketchUp Pro trial and used it to satisfy my clients need… All good … but… and I know this might not be a very popular opinion… I could not stand the Office/Windows-95 interface… it feels so old… I loved the Field of view tool though!.. I constantly zoom in to get details and having that tool around (already assigned a shortcut) was really handy… But anyways the question is… is it possible to use the web interface on the Desktop version?? Is it really a Hard no?.. anyone else relates?

It’s interesting, others are usually ask for the opposite…
For example, in my opinion - you know that I started using it 20 years ago - I like that the UI does not change too much.

To answer your question, no, you cannot use the web UI in the desktop version (and vice versa), they are “independent”…


But I now get it… Desktop version is faster by far, and theses things work!!: