When will Sketchup graphic interface be updated?

I noticed Sketchup Web has a more modern look. It is possible to have these in desktop version?

or these

Another opinion:
Is it possible that these will NOT be in the desktop version?


What? But they are not… :confused:

The web version was a fresh start with a new GUI technology. The developers were forced to find new ways to capture the existing functionality because exact equivalents don’t exist.

Will the new look someday migrate into the desktop version? There is certainly some motivation, as the differences between Windows and Mac versions are a constant source of minor confusion and no doubt extra work for the developers. But we have no way to know, as Trimble doesn’t reveal their plans.

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Having used the “Hello Kitty” style interface in AutoCad and Revit I still think that traditional menus and toolbars are the best way to interact with a design application.