Tool Pallettes for web version

Is the large tool palette available in the web version?

Short answer: no. User interface is different in the Web version.

Slightly longer answer, not yet but if enough people ask fore it it might be added as an option. I for one can’t use fly-out based toolbars. I find it immensely annoying that I can’t see where all my tools are, and can’t even recognize the groups as they change icon to the last tool. Progressive disclosure can be a great UX approach to lower the noise and allow the user to concentrate on what is relevant, but fly-out toolbars are in my view an abomination as they hide exactly what is relevant.


Thanks for the response .

Thanks, I was using a trial version and got use to the toolbars but when I purchased the web version it didn’t seem to be available.

The desktop version is considerably different from SketchUp Shop. Depending on what you actually need out of your models, you may want to upgrade to SketchUp Pro either Classic license or the Subscription license. With the Subscription license you would have access to both the desktop version and SketchUp Shop.

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