Toolbars in free version?

After being away from Sketchup for 2 years I have started using the free web version and am a little confused. Are toolbars not available in the free version? The help message suggests they can be added but my screen does not have the same tabs referenced. Similar query for layers. Thanks All.

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SU Free (web) has much the same functions as SU Make 2017, but a very different interface.

Also, it cannot use plugins or extensions so is essentially not extendable - you have native tools only, plus the ability to use pre-made Live Components which are parametric models created by the SketchUp team.

So it has fly out menus left and right of the drawing window instead of Toolbars (Tool Palettes on Mac).

And since SU 2020, Layers have been renamed Tags, but otherwise behave virtually identicallly (except that the latest versions can use tag folders to group tags).

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Thank you. But can you add additional toolbars. And where is the default plane navigation (if I were to want to orient a drawing to front, top, etc.). The context help seems not related to the “new” interface

Thanks again

As far as I know, you can’t.

It isn’t obvious, is it? I’d have expected it under the View icon (the pair of spectacles) but it’s under Scenes.

Click on the Scenes button (fourth up from the bottom) on the right of the model window.

Then see Scenes at the top of the panel that opens.

That gives you a choice of viewing angle, and Parallel or Perspective views.
And if you want two point perspective, or to change the field of view, click on the little down-pointing v
You can also add or edit Scenes here.

Thank you John. I appreciate you taking the time to answer these very basic questions.

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You are very welcome. Don’t hesitate to ask again.

Getting started can be a bit daunting.

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