How to get tool bar

Title basically explains it, I see some people who have a lot more advanced tool bar with the ability to get sandbox mode for making uneven grounds and such. Question is how do I get this tool bar, im on the windowed version btw, windows OS / chrome

If you’re using SketchUp Free-the web based version–those additional tools and toolbars aren’t available. You would need to use SketchUp Make or SketchUp Pro.

do both require payment to use

SketchUp 2017 Make is available free for non-commercial use. SketchUp Pro is not free but it is licensed for other than hobbyist use.

Also, the toolbar for the PC version is more sophisticated than the mac version. :frowning:

what limitations will the free version have, I have not really tried the full thing

Which free version are you referring to? The Web-based version? Currently it is limited in that there’s no option for using extensions (which for some users is a limitation while it doesn’t affect others) and there are some input and output limitations.

As for the basic native tools, although the UI is different than the desktop client versions, they are all there.

The Pro version offers features like CAD input and output, the Solid tool, and of course LayOut.

How are you planning to use SketchUp?

I am just using the web based one for now, might upgrade to the app later. I am currently just using this software to be able to lay out my woodworking projects, (can do that perfectly) and for fun in making houses that look cool. That is where I am talking about being limited. I am not using it for CAD design or anything that advanced, mainly just for fun.

Also, is there anywhere that I can post projects to get feedback on it and what to do different?


There’s a Gallery section. Look in the list when you are creating a new topic. Or if you’re having difficulty or a question about how to model something, upload the SKP file in the SketchUp Free forum.

awesome thank you for your help!

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In trying to download the MAKE version, this popped up Screenshot - 2fb16108731134e0f854fd9cabb571e9 - Gyazo, Im lost what to do with this

If that does not open, it basically says that another version of it was already download… confusing since this is the first time I think ive used it…

Sorry. I’m not going to click on that link. Where are you trying to download the file from? The only legitimate place would be Download All | SketchUp Don’t download it from anywhere else.

Thats undestandable I probably wouldnt either. It basically says that another version has already been download, I dont remember downloading this ever/ how to delete or replace it

Did you try downloading SketchUp 2017 Make from the link I provided?

yes, same result

Look through the Program Files on your computer. Maybe you did already install it.

figured it out! thanks for all your help man


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