Sandbox in Sketchup Free Web?

Hi guys. Does anyone know if sandbox tools are somehow avaliable in the free web app?
If so, how can they be activated?


They aren’t. If you want them use SketchUp Make 2017 which is free and can be downloaded here

Free does not support extensions, being Web based. Sandbox counts as an extension. Make does support extensions and it’s still free, just a little older.

I edited the slightly and moved your post to the Free category.

Mmm, that’ what I suspected :frowning:
Thanks for the link, I usually work on a PC I can’t install any software on, that’s why I love the web app. I’ll figure something out.


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Okay no worries. Hope it goes well :slight_smile:

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The Sandbox tools are actually an extension supplied with the desktop versions of SketchUp. It’s currently not possible to run extensions with the web-based versions.

Thanks DaveR, I supposed so (but hoped in a loophole :slight_smile: )

Sorry. No loophole. Since you are a hobbyist, maybe you can install 2017 Make on one computer to use the Sandbox tools and then save the file to use in SketchUp Free.

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