SketchUp Make without SandBox Tools?

Hello There and Happy New Year to everybody !

I downloaded SketchUp Make 2017 from internet. Everything works fine except Sandbox Tools.
First of all I downloaded it from Extension Warehouse.
In “Preferences” there is nothing like “Extensions” column. And tools for Sandbox dont appear any other place, either on toolbar or any other panels inside the program. I closed and restarted my computer dozen of times so it shouldnt be an issue.
I wonder now if Sandbox tools are only included in SketchUp Pro ?
Or is it something wrong with my SketchUp ?
I don`t know. Please help :slight_smile:

Or maybe you’re looking in the wrong place? Try Window>Extension Manager. Make sure Sandbox Tools is enabled.

And I’m just curious, how do you use Sandbox tools in your modeling?

Or is it possible you didn’t install SketchUp 2017 correctly? Did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator? You need to do that. If you didn’t, run the installer again making sure to use Run as administrator and then choose the Repair option.

Hello Dave,

Thank you for answering. I checked this and Sandbox Tools ARE enabled ! But still not displayed anywhere…
I need Sandbox tools to model a 3d terrain.

So you are sure you installed SketchUp correctly as I described above? And you don’t see Sandbox in the Tools menu or in View>Toolbars?

When you quit and restart SketchUp, do you get any error messages?

YOU ARE GENIUS !!! Thank you ! I found it there in View>Toolbars !
Omg you made me so happy. Now I can continue with this project. You made my day !!!

Happy to help.

I’d be interested in seeing your project. I’m always curious to see how others are using SketchUp.

Sure, I started to learn SketchUp 3 days ago . I am learning I didn`t use it before. I use it strictly for educational use. I made myself a goal to build a simple house (actually 5 of them) in a 3D terrain, where all of them have different height over the sea level.
It is so much fun and this program is super intuitive. That is what I like about it. Anybody can use it ! If you give me your email I could send you some photos when I am done with this first project !
Thank you again :))))