Can't find the 'Sandbox' Toolbar?

As the title suggests, I cannot find the ‘Sandbox Toolbar’. Troubleshooting I have tried:

  • The ‘Extension Manager’ suggests ‘su_sandbox’ is installed.
  • Following SketchUp>Preferences, there is no ‘Extensions’ option
  • Following View>Tool Palettes, there is no ‘Extensions’ option
  • Following View>Customise Toolbar, the ‘Sandbox’ tools do not appear in the choice list.

Running 2022 SketchUp Pro on a 2017 Macbook Air.

Any help appreciated, thank you.

In the customize toolbar set there are the individual sandbox actions. From Contours, From Scratch, Smoove, for example.

The main Sandbox tools entry is in the bottom part of the Tools menu.

View/Tool Palettes has a Sandbox entry.

Some old documentation will refer to Extensions in Preferences, but that was a long time ago. Extensions Manager replaced that.

Thank you for getting back mate:

  • I do not have a ‘Sandbox’ option in the ‘Tools’ menu
  • I do not have a ‘Sandbox’ option in my ‘View>Tool Palettes’ menu
  • I also do not have the individual tools in the ‘Customise Toolbar’ options

Have you installed SketchUp Pro correctly? If you are running it directly from a downloaded DMG file, functions that run from included extensions won’t work. Sandbox tools is one of them.

Sandbox tools are an extension. If earlier extensions have problem loading it could stop the later ones from loading too.

In the Tools menu, do you see any entries below Section Plane?

I think this is what I have done, how do I install SketchUp correctly?

I don’t.

Hi mate, I have downloaded SketchUp directly from the website and can confirm that I am installing it directly from a DMG file. How do I install SketchUp correctly so that the extensions install as well?

Installing SketchUp | SketchUp Help

These are the instructions I followed when installing most recently