Sandbox Tools not appearing in SU2017



I cannot find the Sandbox ToolSet on my screen even though I have it enabled in the manager. Also, when I go to my preferences pane, the Extensions category does not appear in the left margin. I need to understand if something is wrong or what I need to do so that I can access my extensions that do not appear as well as be able to access Sketucations extensions that I attempt to install. I have already created an account with that site.


So you don’t see Sandbox in the tool palettes list?


Because (new for SU2017) is a dedicated and separate Extension Manager.
To open it, there should be an item in the Window menu.

See the Release Notes page for updates that have happened since SU2015 (your profile indicates that is the version you are running.)


I am running an educational version of SU2017 Pro. Furthermore, none of what is being demonstrated seems to be what I get at my end. Now I am experiencing that the tool palette that should appear along the left edge of my screen vertically is gone and I cannot get it to reappear.

It seems as if the simplest things that should be very straight forward and reliable do not work in this application. Tech support is thin and I am not a fan of using an application that I cannot depend on.

If you and anyone else can provide the fixes needed, that would be great.


No, This is the kind of stuff that appears instead and I cannot seem to get what should be appearing to show up. This morning I am now noticing that the left vertical toolbar that is supposed to appear on my screen is gone and I cannot get it to show up.

In the second screenshot, the model window shows in the left margin of categories, the “Extensions” are missing and I do not know why.

I am at a complete loss with this software even though I have used it extensively on school projects in the past. Right now I am not a fan of Sketchup. Incidentally, I am using SU Pro 2017.

If you and anyone else can help, it would be greatly appreciated.


It might be that you need to reinstall SketchUp.

How did you install it in the first place?

As for Extensions, it has never ever shown in Model Info. It used to show in Preferences but now, as Dan wrote, there is a separate menu entry in the Window menu for Extension Manager which is where you can install extensions you might download directly.

Did you go to Window>Extension Warehouse and install the Sandbox Tools?

How are you trying to install other extensions? What about the ones from Sketchucation?


Unpredictable things arise if SketchUp is not installed properly.
On a MAC ?


It actually quite hard to mess up the mac instals but not impossible…

missing toolbars are either ‘under’ the SU window or sometimes in another ‘Space’…



Is it perhaps this daft issue where the newer MAC OS over-zealous security mania doesn’t actually launch the original app, but makes a copy of it somewhere else, then launches that ?
In that case the app copy could be looking for its default support files [aka ‘ShippedExtensions’] in a relative location that doesn’t exists, and thereby it doesn’t load any of them - it’s clear from the screenshots that none of those are loading…


Though not impossible, this seems unlikely. The gatekeeper path randomization occurs only when a new app isn’t signed properly. Current releases of Sketchup are signed. So unless the user installed in some unusual or incorrect way, it shouldn’t happen. I suspect something else is wrong, but somebody with hands on the Mac would have to check.


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