Sandbox extension incomplete

I have installed the Sandbox extension after watching a tutorial.
In the tutorial it shows the extension creates a set of (dockable ?) tools, the grid tool among them, which I need to use.
In my install, the extension did not create the dock, but it is present in the tools menu Tools along with some other plugins.
However from that menu - Tools --> Sandbox - I have no Grid instrument. Only Smoove, Stamp, Drape - Add Detail, Flip Edge.
The two “main” tools - one of them being the grid tool I need - are missing.
Several other plugins ended up in my “tools” menu previously instead of “extensions”, some created docks and others didn’t. Sandbox is the one who’s missing tools this far (or perhaps the only only one missing a tool I need…)

What am I supposed to try in order to get the full set of sandbox tools (and possibly the dock icons) ?

It is called a toolbar. To enable (or disable) toolbars, see in the menu View → Toolbars.

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Great. The grid instrument is present in the toolbar. Sorry for the bad English, not my native language.
Solved !

The icons should be there if you go to View/Tool Palettes. See here on my SU that I too don’t have Grid listed under the Sandbox dropdown but you can see it in the Sandbox Tools palette.

As for the Menu items for Sandbox, the “grid instrument” would be found in Draw>Sandbox. Two menu items. From Contours and From Scratch.

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@ Eric-s, there’s no View Tool Palettes in my install. Perhaps I’m on Win and you’re on Mac I see ?

Dave R, that’s another solution. It was not mentioned in the tutorial. Thank you !

It would be View>Toolbars.

What tutorial were you following?

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I’m giving the solution to Aerilius, because he also explained how to enable the toolbar (and for the free lesson of English).

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