Sandbox in 2021, what happened to it

Got the latest and greatest Sketchup 2021 and found that a bunch of the sandbox tools are missing. Is it me or is this something Sketchup did? I went to the extension warehouse and sandbox is only listed up to 2019, which happens to be the version I just switched from.

What do you mean they are missing? Some of the Sandbox tools are in the Draw menu and some in the Tools menu. They are all on the Sandbox toolbar, though. It’s the same way in SU2019. Nothing’s changed.

Thank you. I didn’t look in draw, only in tools and wasn’t sure how to get the sandbox tool bar up. It’s a new tool that I’m just starting to learn.

View>Toolbars. Select Sandbox Tools from the list.

wow, that was just to easy. Thank you sooo much.

Sorry. I should have made that harder. :crazy_face:

You’re quite welcome. Have fun with it. Once you get going with it, it can be a slippery slope.

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A bit of a learning curve also :wink:

Hello, my sandbox tool is not showing anywhere! my draw tab only has Lines, Arcs and Shapes. Any idea of what could be happening?

Are the Sandbox tools enabled in the Extension Manager?

Did you install SketchUp correctly? That requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator.

Correct, they are enabled in the extension manager. I keep getting “Load Errors” every time I open Sketchup so I’m gonna try and reinstall the program!

Screenshot 2021-11-16 154946

Instead of reinstalling, Right click on the download installer, choose Run as administrator and then Repair.

Just reinstalled it and repaired it. Nothing changed, still no sandbox tool and I keep getting the “Load errors” window. :confused:

Go to the Extension Warehouse under the Extensions menu, search for and install the Sandbox tools. Then quit and restart SketchUp.

Have you installed other plugins? Some other failing plugin might prevent the built-in plugins from running.

Looks to be the same issue as this.

Indeed! this window pops up every time I open Sketchup. The sandbox tool plugin is installed already. Any ideas on how to solve it?

Many other plugins! could that be the reason?