Sketchup Web: where is Sandbox?

Hello , I am a new sketchup user.
can someone tell me where to find the sandbox tool in sketchup web 2021 ?

There isn’t one in the web version. The Sandbox tools are an extension in the Desktop version and at this stage, it isn’t possible to use extensions with the web versions.

Presumably, since you are using the free web version of SketchUp, you are a hobbyist. If you need the Sandbox tools you could use SketchUp 2017 Make instead. It is also free for non-commercial use but you can use extensions with it and Sand Box tools are included.

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If you’re interested in Make, download Windows or macOS @AlainG
I switched to Pro about a month ago - up until then, I used Make so can highly end rose it :slight_smile:

Thank you, I suspected that

Thank You