[Feature Request] Dynamic Component Functionality



I’d like to be able to view/change Component Options (if any) in my.sketchup. I’d also like to be able to use the Component Interact tool there.

And while the ability to access Component Attributes would be nice too, I see it as far less necessary in my.sketchup as fiddling with Component Attributes is something I’m likely to do only with a full version.



If the DC Ruby code was reimplemented in C, it could be included in all the mobile, desktop and browser editions of the Viewer.

And as this is a Pro feature, and my.sketchup is a non-pro applet, it is not needed, and should not be exposed for non-commercial users, unless there is some kind of paid plugin for it. (Like a “pay for play” product model.)


Oops. You’re absolutely right about this.


Can you please advise on including a DC, implemented in C, into my.sketchup?


You probably won’t get an answer from anyone who works for Trimble (SketchUp) since, as a publicly traded company, providing advance confirmation of new features is a significant risk in the financial markets.

With that being said, I think it’s safe to assume that they are looking at it, but it’s not easy. Dynamic Components are implemented via a Ruby extension - which you can turn off! As of now, my.sketchup doesn’t include Ruby. And adding Ruby is a big extension in functionality.

It’s possible that they have figured out a general approach, and decided not to implement it! Why? (Remember, I’m putting on my “speculation” hat AND my “try to see things from others’ point of view” hats!) Trimble is a for profit company. They’ve obviously decided that a simple version that you can use in a browser is worth it - either as a “gateway” to a paid version, or to make the paid version more attractive by letting you manipulate an existing model using a client’s browser. But is it worth the vastly increased functionality that Ruby support might provide? Likely not! Once Ruby is in place, then the user base will be clamoring for Extensions as well as Dynamic Components. And that sort of full functionality may well threaten their profit source - paid users of SketchUp Pro.

So my advice? Don’t hold your breath. Would it be nice for us? Yes. Is it a reasonable thing to do from Trimble’s point of view? Possibly not. Will we know ahead of time? No.


Hi guys,

Dynamic Components in the SketchUp desktop client are implemented using SketchUp’s Ruby API, and as such aren’t available either to author or configure in my.SketchUp at this time. We’re working on a solution to this, but it isn’t something for which I can promise a release date.