Interact Tool in SketchUp 2014


I just recently started using SketchUp Pro 2014.

I’m trying to make myself some cabinets. I saw a Youtube video where the cabinet drawers and doors opened and closed. So I searched to find out how/what made them do that. Finding out that it’s the Interact Tool with Dynamic Components, I set out to do it myself.

I can’t seem to find the Dynamic Components/Interact Tool in my SketchUp.

Does SketchUp Pro 2014 not have Dynamic Componets/Interact Tool? Or where is it at in SketchUp Pro 2014.

Thank you for your help in advance.


It’s in the Tools menu and the Dynamic components toolbar.


I do not have it.

So now what do I do?


Do you have the extension “dynamic components” activated?


No, how would I do so?


Window -> Preferences -> Extensions -> checkbox “dynamic components”


Hmm, where can I download the dynamic components extension, seems that I don’t have it installed.

Cotty thanks for your help by the way!


Scroll down in the extensions list, it is installed with sketchup.


Never Mind I found it in the Extension Warehouse* (derr) lol.

So I take it, after getting the Dynamic Components Extension, just make sure it’s activated as you said?


I had no extensions listed sadly.


Creating Dynamic Components is a Pro only feature.
Did you purchase a SketchUp Pro license OR are you working with the Trial Evaluation version?
Perhaps the trial time expired.


True it is pro only to make DCs but normally you have the interact tool and the DC toolbar even in Make.


I don’t have the trial.

Where is the default file/extension installer, downloading to?

I have no extensions, and don’t know where to look to "Install Extension."
Because I “Installed” the “Dynamic Component Extension” from the Extension Warehouse.


your screenshot e.g.? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No worries, restarted my sketchup and my extensions now are showing.

Dynamic Components now working.

Thank you everyone for helping!!


Dynamic Components is (and has always been) an official extension by SketchUp. It used to be is still included by default, but because it is not used by everyone, it is not anymore shipped with 2014+. Those who use it can add it through Extension Warehouse to both SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Make.

Those who have SketchUp Pro will also be able to create their own dynamic components with it.


I have never had to install the dynamic component extension from the warehouse. It’s there for me in shipped extensions for Make and Pro.


That is not correct - Dynamic Components, Sandbox Tools and Advanced Camera Tools are still shipped with SketchUp and enabled out of the box.