Dynamic Component Attributes


Hi there to the SketchUp Community.

I am now starting to learn about Dynamic Components. I am using SketchUp Make 2014. This version does not allow for Attributes. I would like to use the click function to open Drawers and Doors. It seems you can only use SketchUp Pro for the attributes. Is there perhaps a download I can use for my version of SketchUp Make 2014 or does somebody know another way of doing this. It is the clicking option that I am after. Thanks guys.


You can change options and use the interact tool but you can’t change attributes in SketchUp Make. To make your own dynamic components you need SketchUp Pro.

Use the interact tool to click on dynamic components. You’ll find the interact tool in the Tools menu. The mouse cursor changes to a pointing finger when it’s active.

You should be able to use the interact tool to open drawers or doors if you use a dynamic component that someone else has created to do so with SketchUp Pro.


Hi McGordon. Thanks for the info. Thought so but was being hopeful that there was another way. Enjoy.


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