Where's "Interact Tool" in SketchUp for Schools?

In SketchUp for Schools, where is the “Interact Tool” in that allows users to interact with Dynamic Components? I have imported a model from SketchUp Pro which contains 16 Dynamic Components, but now I cannot find a way to interact with them.

As far as I understand it, Dynamic Components are created using an extension, which none of the Web versions support.

So I think you are out of luck, trying to use DCs in any Web version, including SU for Schools.

Someone more knowledgeable may correct me, but I know that DCs use Ruby in an extension, and the web versions don’t support either Ruby or extensions.

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John is correct.

Awesome response, John! Thank you! It’s not the answer I was hoping for, but that’s how it goes sometimes. I appreciate your taking time to review and respond to my question so quickly. Cheers!

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Thank you, David! Your confirmation is much appreciated. Cheers!

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