Copy Dynamic Component definitions


I am actually not here to complain, but to give a million dollar idea. I hope someday if ever you do use my idea that you’d give me a bit of perks, anything really, freebies, whatever, a job maybe? LOL

(01) Please make a tool that will enable “COPY-PASTE” a dynamic component’s set of attributes to a group and turn that group into a dynamic component of same attributes. It would make sketchup way more functional and a lot COOLER.

(02) ALSO to add to that, make a dynamic component’s ATTRIBUTE COLOR TAGS(similar to “color by layer”, call it ACT for short) that when turned on, you will see which models have the same dynamic attributes (so people can turn this on and off to avoid confusion after copy pasting DC attributes to a group to make it another DC).

If you can pull that off, you’d probably have the best 3D modeling software, if it isn’t already. (give it a thought, imagine the possibilities it would make creating models very very fast, and adding functionality to the models a lot easier for creative individuals).

if this becomes possible, creating 3D homes with dynamic components with functional drawers/cabinets/doors etc. a whole lot easier, to do THE ENTIRE HOUSE with very little amount of time, more modeling, less repetitive programming.

Love Always,
A Creative Hobbyist

You can already do this in SketchUp.

  1. Put an instance of the component you wish to “copy” in the model.
  2. Right-click it and choose “Make Unique” from the popup context menu.

SketchUp makes a copy of the definition, and changes the instance to be an instance of the new definition.

So, this means SketchUp is cool.


Dynamic Components are (currently) a Ruby extension, and can be updated on a separate schedule than the SketchUp application itself.