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How come i cant make any elements from an imported Revit DWG a dynamic component.

I have a revit model in Sketchup and i exploded the model. I then selected the roof and tried to make a dynamic component that changed the colour of the roof based on a selection from a drop down list. But it wont work. When i create a mass in Sketchup it works fine but anything from the imported Revit file doesn’t work. Any ideas??

How about uploading the roof component you tried to make dynamic so we can see what you’ve got?


Cant get the roof below allowable upload limit.

Upload it to the 3D Warehouse and share the link.

Purge the file.

Roof color trial.skp (90.9 KB)
Hi guys find uploaded.

How did you go guys any luck??

Sorry I had to go out and Dave has probably gone to bed.
Try this one. It seems like you had the faces painted Red which overrides the component colour. Also as a side note, you had the raw geometry of the roof set to a layer other than Layer0. You should only assign a layer to a group or component and leave all raw geometry on layer0.
Roof color trialBox.skp (87.1 KB)

That looks good Box, so how did you go about fixing it?

Just paint the actual faces with the default colours.

great thanks box. One more for you, i have a lot of components eg roof colour, gutter colour, front column colour all with the same attribute (=if = C1 then this colour. Can i copy attributes without having to go into each component and create new attribute?

I know very little about Dynamic Components so can’t really answer that question.
But I’ll move it to the correct subforum and one of the DC people should wander along at some stage and be able to answer you.

to add attributes to multiple components, you can use ‘Attribute Inspector’ by @Aerilius

Thanks Mike. Just downloaded. Are you able to give me a quick brief?

With the attribute inspector, you can easily see which attributes Dynamic Components uses. If you select multiple components, attributes which all components have are black, attributes which don’t gray. It is best to alter only the attributes (allow editing gray fields in attribute inspector) which can have the same value (e.g. _name has to be unique for each component, so don’t alter them for all selected components)
Note that you would have to make them the same on all ‘levels’ meaning :

  • library name ( dynamic_attributes)
  • drawing elements
  • component attributes


So i have componants
-Garage door
-Front door

I need them all too have External colour scheme attribute. How do i do the attribute once then apply to all the componants?


Best way to go is this, (at least in my experience) :

  • first; create a dummy component on which you apply the desired attributes ( via Components attributes dialog
  • then; check these attributes in the Attribute Inspector (take notes!)
  • select all the roof, Gutter etc. components
  • apply all the needed attributes in Attribute Inspector by typing

here, you see me applying the attributes to a dummy component.
First , (when alll components are selected, I add the library ( dynamic_attributes)
Then start adding attributes to them :

I have made a screenshot of the attribute inspector dialog, which is on the upper right

but sometimes, you make a typo…:slight_smile:

Note: Some attributes can not be added this way ( _formatversion, _has_movetool_behaviors, _hasbehaviors, _lastmodified) these are ‘controlled’ by the extension.
Have fun!

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