Dynamic Component Grid issue

I’m trying to set up a dynamic component for creating ceilings.
I’ve managed to set up the functions for multiple ceiling panel based on the native dynamic component of sketchup named GRIDEXAMPLE.

But I’ve tried to add another component inside wich ic a Vray Rectangle Light, with an editable field allowing to set the rythm (1 light per row and columns each 2, 3, or 4 panels)

The fact is that my formula is wrong somewhere as it seems to multiply the Vray light at the same place and doesn’t give me good results on the Y axis.

If someone could help, that I’d be great.
Unfortunately the file is too big for being uploaded here, I can join it using personnal message or wetransfer link.

Thanks a lot.

seems to be too simple for large file size

make a copy, then via window / model info / statistics press the purge unused to clear the file of unused components, materials

Thanks for the reply, windows showed 20mb whereas the file property is 624kb.
So here is the file, sorry it is a french version of Sketchup.
essai faux plaf.skp (624.0 KB)

I won’t be able to look at this until tomorrow, bedtime in tasmania now, someone on the forum may help sooner, otherwise will do later

No problem thanks a lot.

Does this have anything to do with it? I changed the top and bottom boxes for Dalle_Largeur and Dalle-Longueur to read in cm.


The set up of Dalle_largeur and Dalle_longueur are not really the problem.
In fact the sub component “Vray rectangle Light” is the one who doesn’t act the way I want.
In its “Behavior” section the “Copies” line has this formula: =(EnsembleDallesFP!copiesXEnsembleDallesFP!copiesY)/(EnsembleDallesFP!RythmeEnsembleDallesFP!Rythme)
This one allows me to obtain the good number of vray lights within a group of “DalleFP” when I change the “Rythme” box value. (by example when 2 is selected, I got 1 Rectangle light each section of 2 DalleFP, in X and in Y)

I think my problem is inside the X and Y Position formulas because whereas the X formula gives me good result alone (only in X axis), when I try to set up the Y formula, either it’s a diagonale result, or something more random. Furthermore, the number of Vray Rectangle Light is good but they are coplanar and not disposed over the total surface.

One wouldn’t think so, I agree. But did you try it? Like God, DCs sometimes work in unexpected ways.

I’ve tried to change these values, unfortunately it makes some of the DalleFP to disappear. It doesn’t affect the Vray Rectangle Light behavior.

I had a look at it, still think there are issues even with my fix.
fix.skp (1.6 MB)

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Works really good.
Thanks a lot.

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Good choise of the Premiere position attribute, this will certainly make it easier for positioning the lights and making more understandable