Dynamic Window extruded frame scaling issues

Hello All,

I have a trial version of SketchUp Pro to see if it would be beneficial to have Dynamic Components for our products. I have been trying to create a demo block for an upcoming design meeting and the block created keeps breaking when scaled. Please enlighten me on what I am doing wrong. I was also wondering if you can add two different material lists for one nest component. One material for frame, which has been added to the component, but also I would like to have a material list for the screen as we supply different vinyl colors.

EDIT: One additional item that I would like to have is the ability to do is have a vertical support added in the center when scaling horizontal larger then 48" and two past 96".

Any help is much appreciated. I really enjoy working with SketchUp and would like to see it added to our design process.


JeffFixed Lites.skp (257.5 KB)

Hi Jeff,
*note I don’t have access pro at the moment so can’t see how you programmed your components.

For scaling without stretching components, you need to lock the individuals LEN attributes of those components. And if you want it to change size appropriately, you have the LEN of the vertical bars change to the Height of the overall Parent.
Something like:
BarLenY: =Parent!LenZ
And for the horizontal bars:
BarZ = Parent!lenZ-BarThickness (since the default axis is on the bottom)

And yes you can set different materials, you’ll need to make new attributes, example:

FrameColor: Dropmenu of options
Vinyl: Dropmenu of options

FrameMaterial: =Parent!FrameColor
VinylMaterial: =Parent!Vinyl

If you use the Material attribute, it’ll apply to all, so make a new attribute instead.

Double check your constraints.

The LUpright component has an incorrect Z height.

The RUpright component has no X position. In fact, none of the Right components have an X position.

Thank-you both for your assistance, I was able to correct my mistakes and have the basic model working correctly.

Now I am having troubles figuring out the more complex model where the vertical screens will need to be animated to slide in there tracks.

This is also where (attached picture) I would like to combined the three lengths into one component and have the vertical support appear after 48" stretch on the X axis and two after a 96" stretch. I figure if you can do it in AutoCAD you can somehow do it on SketchUp.

Again thank-you for all the help.

For the animation, you’ll have to make sure the screen in a component as well, and then use an OnClick function.

As for merging them all into one, very possible. you can use the Copy function and then have it add a copy to whatever side you want. This is common for stairs and fence components. Here’s an example: It allows for scaling and it’ll automatically add more when needed.

DC-Rope.skp (1.3 MB)

Thank-you quantj,

Exactly what I was looking for. Also I have the screen nested in the screen frame so it acts like its own individual unit.