Materials Scaling Dynamic Components

Need some help - I am generating images for a client’s website - I have built a base model as a DC, and have trim and size options in the DC. I need to now generate 100s of variations of sizes - I will drop these into LO to generate all the images that the client needs as PNGs.

But… I have used materials on several surfaces and when I change the length options on the DC the materials scale and get wonky. I’m using asphalt shingles and vertical siding as textures that do not scale properly - they get stretched on the sides of the buildings that scale in length (so the vertical siding texture, which has been scaled to be about 7.5" wide planks, grows, and the planks get bigger and bigger the longer the building gets.

I have seen reference to a solution with a ‘scaler’ object but can’t get it to work inside nest dynamic components - it throws all the lengths off:

I have also found TIGs workaround script, but I have no idea on how to get it to work.

Has anyone solved this? I’m looking at saving a ton of manually painting every variation…

You can nest the component in the attachment inside any Component and it will fix the Material Scaling Issue.

Note that this component doesn’t has any dimension, so you could put it on any edge of your component without effecting the accuracy of the Component Bounding Box.
Material Scaler.skp (11.3 KB)

Thanks for the help. That breaks my component - I must be doing something wrong.
Original behaviour:

After I import the Materials Scaler and insert it into my component:

You need to put inside the painted components, one for roof, one for wall…

edit: which you did, is it possible the building has already been scaled? if so before adding the scaler, right click menu and scale definition

Otherwise can you share the DC, private message if sensitive

As has been said, it should be nested inside the painted component, and if the Component is nested inside parent component, the material should be applied directly to the face level to make it works.
I hope that helps.

There are cases where scalers do not work, that is with DC internal copies where sizes change per copy. It may be the case if some of the parts are out of sync as well, hence the need to check if all the parts do not register the scale definition whereas some may. Some times an extra component wrap can correct (isolate) this.

Yes, the scaler is placed inside the roof and walls.

Checking to make sure the component scale definition was reset helped.

The roof is working properly, but the walls are still wrong. I will try to fix, if not I will message you.

I tested different materials and found that some of the materials scaled properly, and some didn’t. I think I have solved this by painting the texture I want, and then ‘Make Unique Texture’ on from the face. When I scale it all works correctly now.

Thanks for the help… hopefully I can get this to work through all the models.